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Oil Seals
Oil Seals
Product Description
This is a very common type of seal. It is used to retain oil and other lubricants in rotary applications and prevent leaks. Many of these seals function with a flexible lip that rub against the shaft or housing to prevent leakage by providing a tight seal.

Detail information:
Item name
Oil seals
Size Customized/Standard and nonstandard
Brand name
Material NBR, Viton, ACM
Temperature NBR (-40-120C), ACM (-30-180C), Viton (-24-300C)
Color Black, Red, Green, Brown
Package Polybag & carton. For large qyt, use pallet
Automobile, agricultural machinery, trucks,or other euquipment
TA, TB, TC, TZ, TCY, TC4, DCY, TC2Y, TB2Y, TCR, TCL, SC, VC, KC, TL, etc

Products List
-The best possible solution at the most competitive price
Quality - ISO 9001-2000 Certified
Capability - Advanced Equipments, Experienced and Skilled Work forces.
Reliability - Timely Delivery and Competitive price
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